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When we look at someone [an angel] from a position of unrequited love and imagine the pleasures that being in heaven with them might bring us, we are prone to overlook one important danger: how soon their attractions might pale if they began to love us back. We fall in love because we…

It is when we stop believing that religions have been handed down from above or else that they are entirely daft that matters become more interesting. We can then recognize that we invented religions to serve two central needs which continue to this day and which secular society has not been able to solve with any particular skill: first, the need to live together in communities in harmony, despite our deeply rooted selfish and violent impulses. And second, the need to cope with terrifying degrees of pain from our vulnerability… to our decay and demise. God may be dead, but the urgent issues which impelled us to make him up still stir and demand resolutions which do not go away when we have been nudged to perceive some scientific inaccuracies in the tale of the seven loaves and fishes.
Alain de Botton- Religion for Atheists.  This one could be interesting. Got a feeling this could be shaping my belief systems a little. (via jrobinson1989)

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I don’t believe one reads to escape reality.
A person reads to confirm a reality he knows is there,
but which he has not experienced.

 Lawrence Durrell (via davidtpriest)


17 Hilarious Dear Blank, Please Blank Letters

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